Ayurvedic Journey

Be inspired by the natural treatments of the East, namely ayurveda medicine; Sri Lanka - the island of wellness will give you a body treatment that will soothe and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.

Destinations : Colombo / Kandy / Anuradhapura / Dambulla / Negambo

Airport – Hotel : About 30 Min Drive
The Kovanro Hotel

Having arrived in Sri Lanka you will be greeted by both our representative and your chauffeur guide at the airport itself. Take a leisurely drive, just under 30 min from Colombo airport and check in to your hotel.

Before reach hotel or After settling in, it is time to explore the local professors specialized / doctor in ayurveda at the University of Colombo over a cup of freshly brewed tea. Next, learn about rare medicinal plants as well as the method of making ayurveda oils, decoctions and the other medicines at the Ayurveda treatment place or at the Hotel by presentation.
Rest in the hotel and enjoying a buffet dinner.

Day 02 - Colombo – Maho: About 4.5 Hours Drive Ayurveda Hotel

Set off from coastal Colombo to experience the inland delights of Sri Lanka. Relish this picturesque journey as you pass Kurunagala’s towering Lord Buddha statue upon a rock, the rice paddy fields and more. Arrive at your residence – the Ayurveda Hotel. By afternoon you will meet your personal ayurveda doctor for a consult in order to arrange a suitable course of treatment to commence from next day morning. We recommend that you take an evening walk to the Yapahuwa Fortress, the capital of Sri Lanka for 12 years (1272 – 1284 A.D.). Look out for the fortifications, the remains of the palace and other buildings.

Enjoy the evening unwinding.

Day 03 - Maho Ayurveda Hotel

Blissfully spend your time today and tomorrow indulging in an ayurveda program. Choose from a selection of program such as detox therapy and rejuvenation. At the Ayurveda Hotel you will be mesmerized by the calming and softly designed interiors while the wind whispers in your ears.

Day 04 - Maho Ayurveda Hotel

Continue your focused ayurveda detox program. You will find that it is not only the external treatments, but also the very food your consume that is tailor-made for your body. Rest assured the holistic treatments offered are based on the expert knowledge of a trained and experienced doctor.

Day 05- Maho – Annuradhapuira - Dambulla: About 4 Hours Drive Fresco Water Villa/ Similar Hotel

After breakfast check out to visit the ancient city of Anuradhapura. It was the first capital and undoubtedly the grandest city of ancient Sri Lanka. Today Anuradhapura is the location of two world heritage sites. There is an archaeological museum, artificial lakes and various monastic buildings and palaces. Amongst the many sites of interest is the sacred Bo Tree, Sri Maha Bodhi. The tree is reputedly a cutting of the tree under which Buddha attained enlightenment, and was brought to Sri Lanka as a sapling over 2,200 years ago.

After lunch at a local restaurant, you will drive the short distance to Mihintale. Mihintale was the place where Buddhism was introduced to Sri Lanka and is regarded as the cradle of Buddhism on the island. On this rock are many shrines and dwellings, originally used by monks. A grand stairway of 1,840 steps made by granite slabs 15 inches wide leads to the summit, from where there are good views of the surrounding countryside. After an eventful day, drive toward you hotel in the town of Sigiriya.

Day 06 - Dambulla - Kandy: About 3 Hours Drive Mahaweli Reach Hotel

Explore the cultural triangle and head out just twenty minutes away to mount Sigiriya – a 5th century fortress in the sky, which is perhaps the most fantastic single wonder of the island. It is also referred to as Lion’s Rock because of the huge crouching lion image that is carved at the entrance to the fortress.

After which you will be taking approximately a three hours drive to the relaxing hill station of Kandy, surrounded by virgin forests broken by the great Mahaweli River. Kandy is also well known as the centre of Buddhism and the capital of the last Sinhalese kingdom. Having checked in to your hotel and refreshed, take a city tour of Kandy including the market place, pollah and the Temple of the Tooth Relic, which houses Sri Lanka’s most sacred relic, a tooth of the Lord Buddha.    The Temple itself dates from the 16th century and is entered via 2 doors showing mythical beasts.    Do steal some time in the day to stroll through the Royal Peradeniya Botanical Gardens of over 60 hectares.  Prior to the arrival of the British in Sri Lanka his was a royal park and it is today the largest botanical garden in the nation. There is a fine collection of orchids and a stately avenue of royal palms that were planted in 1905. If you would like your chauffeur guide we will help you organize a tea picnic at the gardens. Return and relax at the hotel.

Day 07 - Kandy - Negombo: About 5 Hours Drive, Tamarind Tree Hotel

En-route to the beaches of Negombo, visit the Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage. Started back in 1975, the elephant orphanage houses the abandoned and the wounded elephants. We recommend timing your visit for when the elephants are being fed or as they all march to the river close by to be bathed.

After lunch, continue to the fishing village of Negombo to reside in your own villa like accommodation at the hotel Tamarind tree/ The Kovanro.

Day 08 - Negombo Tamarind Tree Hotel

In the morning consult with your dedicated doctor over a herbal drink. In addition to your ayurveda massages and bath treatments, The Doctor, offers yoga lessons, private meditation as well as music therapy – all of this is taken serious at the hotel.

Day 09 - Negombo Tamarind Tree Hotel

You will soon come to know that the hotel chef is well known for his ayurvedic cuisine and is willing to share with you a cookery demonstration for you to learn. Moreover, the quiet and intimate setting of the hotel provides a perfect environment for you to discover your inner self through therapy in peace and solitude.

Day 10 - Negombo – Airport: About 10 Minutes Drive

As all good things must come to an end, your chauffeur guide will comfortably take you to the air taxi or helicopter landing point. Next enjoy a bird’s eye view of our paradise island as you are whisked away to the international airport in time for your return flight.

Alternatively, you could always soak up some sun on Sri Lanka’s pristine beaches such as the beach resorts along the Negombo promenade.